What YOU Should Know About
Video Marketing and Social Media…

FB_Guy_Chair_disply2Most health professionals and other entrepreneurs using Facebook and other social media have no “game plan” or strategy. 

Instead, they post images and smart phone videos to their timelines and hope for the best.

It’s called “scatter-shot” marketing.

This does absolutely NOTHING for their businesses.

In fact, it’s a HUGE waste of time if the objective is to attract new clients and generate new revenue

The net result of this time and energy is a big fat $0.  The worst kind of ROI.

And, if you’ve looked at the numbers, lately, you may have noticed that “organic reach” red_arrow_lefton Facebook has taken a huge dive.  That’s because Facebook and almost all SOCIAL MEDIA now favor “VIDEO.”  

Especially boosted VIDEO POSTS!

The Secret Strategy of the World’s
Top Health & Fitness Entrepreneurs…

YES, the top health and fitness entrepreneurs have a secret.

Strategy: From Facebook… to Your Website…  to Conversion

They know that in just the past year, Facebook and other social media have given VIDEO their highest priority.  This has created an incredible, low-cost opportunity for “boosted video posts.”


  • FB_Vid_500This new emphasis on video forced the world’s top Facebook and Social Media managers to re-think their online marketing strategies.  And, it didn’t take long for them to figure it out.
  • They quickly discovered how well video works to immediately ENGAGE Facebook viewers.  And, with short, professionally produced “Content Videos” they could hold a viewer’s attention for up to 90 seconds (avg.). 
  • Now, within just the last few months, the top brands are creating short “Teaser Videos” with just enough information to motivate the viewer to respond to the “Call-to-Action” at the end of the video.

These :30 second “teaser videos” are “state-of-the-art” for Facebook marketing.

Your Facebook Advantage with
Content Based “Call-To-Action” Video…

So, allow me to tie this altogether and explain how powerful the combination of Facebook and Video truly is when it comes to increasing web traffic, building lists and converting prospects into clients. 

With it’s sheer volume of users and ability to pinpoint your target audience… Facebook is now the most powerful and effective advertising and marketing vehicle on the planet!

Add to that, the incredible strength of VIDEO to “connect” with users on a visual, audible and emotional level  —  and you have the most powerful combination available..!



  • 1.5 Billion Active Users
  • 1.3 Billion Mobile Active Users
  • 17.2% Growth Rate



  • 20% Read / 80% Will Watch
  • 72% More Likely to Purchase
  • 6x More Conversions



  • Convert to Purchaser
  • Qualified Lead Follow-up
  • Opt-in List – Funnel Entry

Special Offer…

O.K., so you get the idea.  These videos will ROCK your Facebook and other Social Media accounts.  And, you can re-purpose them – over and over again!  They will serve you for the lifetime of your business!

If you’re familiar with my product launches, you know I reward “Take Action” entrepreneurs with incredible “pull-the-trigger” introductory pricing.  Then, the price escalates up to it’s true market value.  

If you were to create these videos yourself, you’d incur costs of more than $4,500 with content review, script writing, graphic design, animation, production, editing, voice over, image licensing, etc.


Listen, if you’re a true, TAKE-ACTION” entrepreneur – ready to “pull-the-trigger” and save a ton of money, then… this is YOUR golden opportunity! 

View all 12 videos right now..!  Click each image to view. 


A Complete, DONE-FOR-YOU 12-Video Ad Campaign Designed Specifically for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube —
Plus… you can display on your Website, Blog and Email

Not $4,500…. Not $3,000…  Not $1,500
Special Price $497

INSTANT POWER…  That’s right!  Instantly leverage the POWER of Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media with professionally pre-produced “CTA Videos!”  (Call-To-Action).

DONE-FOR-YOU… Everything has been completely pre-produced and is “ready-to-go” right now!  More than 60 hours and $4,500 worth of content creation, script writing, editing, animation, voice-over – all especially created and designed for health professionals who are marketing on social media — and beyond.

YOUR VIDEO ADVANTAGE…  You get twelve (12) Done-for-You :30-second CTA Videos that will increase your presence and help your business to:

  • Engage viewers with your brand and business
  • Entertain them with a professional presentationDevices444
  • Educate with :30 second “knowledge nuggets”
  • Motivate viewers to learn more by visiting your site
  • Convert referrals and leads into NEW CLIENTS!

PLUS… you can embed these same videos on your:

  • Website – landing pages, sales pages, lead capture
  • Blog – widget area, email capture
  • Email – CRM, autoresponders and funnel marketing! 

ULTIMATELY… All 12 of these professionally produced :30-second CTA Videos will serve your business forever… and continue to showcase your expertise, generate new leads and attract NEW CLIENTS.  That means NEW PROFITS!

Art_WebHello Health & Fitness Pros….

I’m Art Rothafel... and I’m so glad you’re here.  It means you’re thinking about using one of the strongest marketing tools in the world — Facebook Video Ads!  That’s smart!

In my 25 years of developing products, formulations and content for the world’s top health professionals, this is the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art marketing product we’ve ever created to help promote and market YOUR BUSINESS.  Period!

Facebook has become the most powerful marketing engine in the world.  And, this DONE-FOR-YOU VIDEO 12-PACK takes FULL ADVANTAGE of that power to present your knowledge, skills and professionalism — to the WORLD!

 What Makes These Videos So Special for Facebook..?

DesignFBCreating video for Facebook is part art and part science.

On one hand, the ads need to be bright, clever and engaging — without being a blatant “sales pitch.” 

But, on the other hand, they must pass the scrutiny of Facebook’s advertising policies. 

Boosted ads must comply with the 20% text rule and certain types of imagery, etc.  We took care of all of these details and more.   In fact, all of these ads have already been successfully tested as Facebook “boosted video ads” during our beta tests.

Design Elements of Your Social Media Video 12-Pack…

  • Run-Time: Research has shown that Facebook video should NOT exceed more than :30-35 seconds in “total run time” to maximize viewership and click-throughs.
  • SMVP_Callouts2Auto-Play:  A heavy use of text is employed because videos on Facebook often run on “auto-play” with no audio.  These videos get your message across with or without sound.
  • Rich Backgrounds:  All videos use rich color backgrounds to attract viewers and to keep current viewers focused on the content – without distraction.
  • Standout Borders: Plus, you’ll notice the colored borders.  Bright borders make all ads stand out.
  • Ethnically Neutral: Since Facebook, itself, is so ethnically diverse, the stars of the videos are “bubble characters” who serve to make these mini-presentations ethnically neutral.
  • Professional Voiceover: And of course, if your Facebook tribe has their sound “ON” they will hear a very professional voiceover speaking over a “signature” music bed as she delivers a fun, yet compelling message for viewers to learn more about YOUR SERVICES (Call-to-Action).  

View all 12 videos right now..!  Click each image to view. 

“Take Action” Pricing…!

Listen, if you’re a true, TAKE-ACTION” entrepreneur – ready to “pull-the-trigger” and save a ton of money, then… this is YOUR golden opportunity! 


IMPORTANT:  Upon purchase, please be PATIENT with PAYPAL re-direct.
It takes a few seconds for PayPal to process and re-direct to our download page.


Listen, if you’re a true, TAKE-ACTION” entrepreneur – ready to “pull-the-trigger” and save a ton of money, then… this is YOUR golden opportunity! 

View all 12 videos right now..!  Click each image to view. 


IMPORTANT:  Upon purchase, please be PATIENT with PAYPAL re-direct.
It takes a few seconds for PayPal to process and re-direct to our download page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I even want these videos?

Because it’s not just Facebook.  Beyond the staggering number of people viewing video on Facebook (1.5 billion), the entire internet is rapidly moving away from written content and exploding with streaming, interactive video.  It’s most noticeable on mobile where video is already making huge gains.

It’s also an investment.  Even if you don’t use these videos, today or tomorrow… it’s only a matter of time before you’ll want to use video to get your message out to your target audiences.  So, even six months or a year from now you’ll be able to look back and be glad you made such a smart investment!

Are these videos just for Facebook?

No, not at all!  Beyond Facebook, you can upload these videos on Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo your own website, your blog, and any platform that will host video.  The reason we call them “Social Media” videos is because they were especially designed to fit within the guidelines and audience make-up of Facebook.  

Are these videos mine to keep forever?

Yes, you get to keep them forever.   There are no licensing fees or recurring payments or anything.  It is a one-time purchase and the videos are yours to keep and use over and over again.  NOTE:  We still retain the copyright and ownership of the videos as that protects both you and me from people stealing the content.  

Can I purchase just some of the videos?

Unfortunatly, no.  They come as complete package.  However, you can pick and choose just the videos you want to use to help promote your business.  There’s no set rule on what order or how many videos you should use.  Whatever works for you.  

How do I upload video to Facebook? Can you help?

Yes! Here are two video tutorials.

The first one explains how to upload a video to Facebook.  The second one explains some of the guidelines you’ll need to follow if you plan to use these videos as PAID or BOOSTED ads on Facebook.  These guidelines will help in getting your ads “approved.” 

Can I edit these Videos?

Yes.  In fact we encourage you to edit and especially to add your own logo or watermark to help protect them.  It’s very easy to do if you have iMovie, ScreenFlow or Camtasia.  Or, we can add your logo and contact information (Intro and Outro)  to all 12 Videos for an additional $97 dollars.

Can I share these videos with other trainers or facilities?

No.  Sharing these videos or giving them to a 3rd party is strictly forbidden and is a breach of our terms as well as copyright infringement.  We monitor this via a download tag and PayPal Transaction ID.

Can I re-sell these videos as part of a another package to my customers?

No.  You can NOT re-package these videos and re-sell as as an “info product” or as “part” of an “info product” for resale.  This also is strictly forbidden and is a breach of our licensing terms as well as a copyright infringement.

You CAN use the videos to help promote your info products or services.  However, they can NOT be PART of any package being offered for money, barter or resale.

For example, you might want to use the videos for an automated funnel email sequence using InfusionSoft, ClickFunnels, ActiveCampain, Ontraport or other type of marketing automation to attract new members to your business.  That’s fine.  However, you can NOT create and sell this automation (with the videos) to another business owner or 3rd party as part of a consulting or product package.

If your intent is to create marketing automation packages using these videos, please contact me.   I offer a partnership opportunity for such ventures – 800-340-7011 or email.